EDW: Matte painting Project Part 1 and 2

Unfortunately this is a tough project. It’s tough simply because of the fact that I draw most of my stuff by hand and I’m not a big fan of using a tiny wacom tablet. Either way, I’ll just have to crank out some simple drawings rough drafts. So I began exploring my massive reference collection for some nice photo to work from. Fortunately I found several that I mashed and played with until I got this….

Well here we go

Some kind of art by Skybase

Basically it’s a rough photo mash. You grab several elements from other photographs, match perspective and smash elements into it like it fit. Basically a way to seriously make a mess quickly since you select, paste, match and repeat process until it looks decent. Though of course, I’m not satisfied usually. My photomashing skills aren’t as high so I won’t be putting that ugly picture online, but the final ones will be just here. So that’s a “start.” I guess.

Much of this painting is based heavily on the photomash earlier. It was created in StudioArtist 4.03 which is my favorite tool for painting cause it has insane and unique features that really resonate with the artist spirit. So my process is this: Manipulate photograph roughly —> use Studio Artist 4 to paint on it —> back to Photoshop and do postwork. The colors are derived from the picture, but modulated so its not JUST from the picture. So this painting is partially done by a computer with my own settings. That’s why some things look kinda algorithmic, but at the same time, I left it so I can intervene and paint things on my own. That way I have significant amount of control over details, highlights, colors, and overall shapes and sizes of things. So how much of it was “computer?” It’s around 20% computer and 80% me with a wacom tablet. Of course I can just do 100% computer but that’d be boring and not fun. I do need control over what I’m doing.

How long did this take? Probably around 5 or 6 hours or so. *shrug* I honestly don’t know when I began.

I’m going to cut-paste-paint-post several more pictures probably tomorrow, eventually I’ll choose which ones to take into 3D. But for now, this is what I have.


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