Production Pipeling: HAVOC Re-Design

On the last post I discussed what was happening with HAVOC and otherwise. If you haven’t seen the storyboards and otherwise you won’t understand what this post is about. Just scroll down or click here: to see the previous post. Anyway so I admit, the doctor does look like he’s from Psychonauts, partially because I was heavily influenced by that amazing game. So I took the original design and re-designed it. I figure its not that different from the previous design, but I’m liking this better.


The Re-designed version

Basically, he’s a cone head. He can also rotate his head upside down to frown at you. So there you go.


2 thoughts on “Production Pipeling: HAVOC Re-Design

  1. I agree this design is a lot more unique than the other one. I love the style too! Is this the style the final would look like or are you going for more of the style of your “painted” images? Either way would be awesome.

    Keep up the great work!

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