EDW: Translating 2D in 3D Space

I figure, for the first time I may be creating a pictureless post here. So what’s happening with the matte painting project? I’m about to do some radical things to the 2D image I already have. I first of all need to cut out some elements in Photoshop and set them on separate layers, I see this as a rather intricate part since a wrong cut can make this whole scenery look weird when translated in 3D.

About translating it in 3D space via Camera Projection… well this is going to be the interesting part. I guess what I’ll do is I’ll first start out with tutorials then develop a bit of “my own way of doing it” which I don’t think there are many ways to do this to begin with. Anyway, the point is to translate this into 3D somehow.

For those of you who are curious here are some tutorials that I’ll probably be using:



Now this technique is interesting. I can use this almost everywhere to an extent where the whole “painting” is 3D somehow. I guess it’s back to work!


2 thoughts on “EDW: Translating 2D in 3D Space

  1. Yuya –
    I love your painting style, and your contrast of using the rendered 3D images within the painterly backgrounds. You actually have a few options here – the tutorials you posted are a good start. You can also look at these two:



    The first was written using Max, the second Lightwave, but the concepts are the same and your tutorial discusses how to use the Maya tools to accomplish the effect – so these might just be extraneous or ancillary.

    You can build all of your geometry or just part of it – a camera projection is very similar to a “use background” shader for the purpose you are uncovering.

    Great start.

  2. Yuya –
    You should take a look at what Mei Yu Chen is doing for this class. There’s a lot of crossover in your individual styles and techniques. I suggested to her that she look at your blog and comment; I’m making the same suggestion to you.

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