Production Pipeline: Am I doing the voices???

It’s time for a small debate on what’s happening with HAVOC part 1, the movie I began making. So aside from the shoddy animatic I made last night, I don’t have a voice actor. I can’t honestly tell how long the whole sequence will be without the voices which is what’s holding me up right now. So just maybe, just maybeeeee I’ll do the voice for the Doctor as well. That means I’m doing two voices for this whole thing. HAVOC the lump of charcoal is me. Dr. Rudinsburg is me as well.

I already have equipment for recording high quality audio, and I guess I’ll just quickly begin with the audio recording. Otherwise I’ll have to go and find a voice actor appropriate for the short act.

Aside from this, I’m doing a bit of scenery work and slowly getting things done. It’s a tough project over all, but much of it is flexible. So no worries. I’ll be updating this project with more visuals as it comes along, I’m just currently doing boring stuff and it visually isn’t pleasing… as in its at a low-end level right now that just doesn’t cut it in terms of my quality standards.


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