EDW: Difficult is Difficult.

So, in attempt to project this scenery, I began realizing a big issue with this whole scenery. What’s difficult? The angle of the camera. Since there are 3 photographs that were originally stitched together and painted on, we actually have to compensate for 3 different angles which may or may not match. Now that makes this whole projection mapping harder as it already has created several problems when I began putting some geometry in.

Hmm… now this is annoying. 3 images, 3 angles… a couple geometries, and it fails instantly. Or it’s just the fact that it’s difficult to match perspective properly… Ok, so what next? I tried this After Effects and I actually have hopes of it working. It won’t be what I was intended to do, but with some fighting I can probably get it to work right. Worst case scenario, this just turns into multiple image planes that get placed in various areas. That’s actually not what I want to do.

Anyway, I fixed several things as well, roughly….


That should aid some with depth when I put the actual item back into the scene.


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