EDW: It Works!

Alright, after following the tutorial by Andrew Kramer (Video CoPilot) I was able to create a basic 3D projection map based on the image. It’s a little weird right now, but I’m able to move in the scenery as I expected to do. I originally was following Video CoPilot’s tutorial, though I couldn’t find out one of the settings. I guess I was just impatient.

It is technically easier than using Maya since I’m using only flat surfaces to construct the scene. I can also fill spaces using more, hence creating a complete 3D object within the After Effects environment. This is actually quite an unusual turn around. I was expecting to do this within Maya, though After Effects also works as an alternative method. I will continue to attempt using Maya to making the projection mapping happen. Although After Effects method does work nicely. Here’s a screenshot.

The “floor” is a bit short but… I can always stretch some scenes out.

How it works: I have a light transmitting the map right on the two flat solids I constructed. They meet together at a nice 90 degree angle, and later it was matched to the angle of the image itself. This way we have a floor, and the object in front of us.

To make this a better projection, we must add more solids to construct more details. Of course, it may be a bit more work and it might be easier to just do this all in Maya, though I keep thinking how much easier it is now that I know it works here.


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