Production Pipeline: Sneek Update

I finally got some IK to work. I was originally planning to use the puppet tool, but it’s honestly not the best tool for complex animation. It makes the animation look… a little too soft and wobbly. So I switched IK instead. By using IK, I get crisp animation, expected animation out of the joints, and a lot more control over what I’m doing. By the way, I am using Duik which is an amazing, free tool! Go and install it, watch the tutorial.

I also made some mouth movements, A, E, I, O, U and M/N sounds. They’re not perfect, but I think it works for this film. I put them in a composition in After Effects, then I used time remapping (freeze time specifically) to call out the frame that makes the mouth. Frame 1 = A. Frame 2 = E Frame 3 = I and so on basically. The eyes were created in the same way.

So now, it’s time to do some simple animation and mouth movements!


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