Production Pipeline: HAVOC gets “tools”

So if you’ve been wondering “where is the animatic??” the answer is: I did it! And totally kept the render to myself for the whole time. Yes it’s the same thing only with the old doctor talking weird stuff. Come to think of it, I did go back and knock out several parts just over matters like “they don’t sound good” and otherwise.

Either way, allow me to introduce you to another concept: tools. Because “HAVOC” is being created at the speed of a rabbit racing away from a big, hungry wolf, I had to create some tools to aid me in quick creations of assets. Some tools are already available, like Adobe Illustrator which was very useful for making this:

The doctor’s castle is basically like a tree. Awesome. I used several new (and frankly, the best) features of Illustrator CS5 to assemble this work in about an hour or two. By the way, all the assets I’ll be showing you here will be used in the last shot. It’s a bit of a spoiler, but I don’t think it really matters.

Other tools were used to aid in creating backgrounds and simple assets such as windows. For this, I created a “generator” in a program I use often called FilterForge 2. Very useful for rapid content generation.


The Window Generator

These “windows” will be pasted onto a UV map for a bunch of houses and buildings I created over the week ends. I’ll be showing you those in the next blog post I guess. I don’t think any of them are ready for viewing yet. These windows will be seen from a distance, so I did minimum texture work on it, and went straight to just making sure it was reasonable and easy to use. Now because I am doing this procedurally, I can change parameters I set up around easily to create various windows instantly.

Example generation 1


Example generation 2

The basic idea is to avoid doing repetitive tasks that can hinder work times and flows. But not only that, because the project’s scale is huge compared to the time I have, it’s just one way to save time and costs.

Here’s the source of the window generator.


Explanation of the window gen.

I also wanted to save a bit more time making backgrounds for this one scene. So I patched together a background generator that will get me stylized vector backgrounds instantly.


3500x4000 pixel background generated with FilterForge

I have various parameters that I can easily edit to generate different moons, stars, and otherwise.


Yup. FilterForge saves the day.

Here’s basically the source for how FilterForge was patched to create the elements in the skies.

The generator for the Background

And of course, because it’s all procedrual I can quickly change parameters and make new backgrounds if I felt that the previous background wasn’t fitting the scene. Fun stuff!!

Generated Example of StarrySky gen

So those are some of the tools I made using FilterForge to create some elements of the film. Next blog post I’ll show you what it looks like when it finally all comes together.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this picture:



Well! That’s pretty much it for now. I’ll update with more things next time!!


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