Complex Systems

Lost in Tokyo City. This could be an interesting experience if you really don’t know what’s going on. It’s an uncomfortable experience being lost in a huge city. Everywhere you look you either see something different… or you see something repetitive.

I have uploaded the complete gallery online for viewing.

And the method? It’s really just tedious work over a span of several weeks.

Update: Seems like PetaPixel featured my works here. And I totally forgot to mention within the description: these are synthetic photographs made by tediously piecing elements from 1 photograph into multiple images. The other thing that you may have not noticed is that these are seamlessly tillable, in other words if you take the images (without the vignetting) the image will perfectly tile each other. The whole idea was that I would go and print these in mass loads without borders and would stick them up on a huge wall across space. This never happened, but I plan to find a way to do this sometime in the future.

These images, while they’re presented as photographic work, it also later became great texture resources for my film, “The Door to Tomorrow.”  I mean, they’re just so useful on their own 🙂

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