Blow is a series I created using Studio Artist 4’s MSG feature. This extensive (and quite frankly the best) tool offers another look at how you can create things…. Blow is a controlled set of MSG parameters that render tame, colorful graphics. Although it’s faintly present, it uses a photograph. I uploaded the whole series.

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Glitch and Colors 2

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Again, structured these out of MSG in Studio Artist 4.02 as with the last set of images I uploaded on the last post. Here are some “controlled” coloring and ranges. I carefully selected those evolvers that looked neat and better than the rest.

I’m still in creation of the series.

Glitch and Colors

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I was playing around with Studio Artist 4.02. The new interface is fantastic and easy to use. I began playing around with the MSG evolver and found an interesting error-based image processor that does the stuff above. It’s in fact so glitched out that I can’t tell what’s what.

Glitch art has a great philosophy which I follow: its the art of finding the unexpected and making beauty out of it. It’s accidental and yet beautiful. It’s something you don’t want… and yet it’s fascinating and beautiful. As much as we are in control of our place in time, we’re bound to change through the chaotic or predictable events. We may find ugliness or beauty in that. What’s awesome about glitch is that it happens, but you really don’t look at it as “art.” Nobody sees a broken monitor and thinks art immediately. It’s useless. But for some of us, we see something different that could make the broken monitor into something that was indeed meant to be broken.

Nothing lasts for ever. Glitch says all of that.