1 Experimental Video A Week: Week 1

I just hope I don’t stop making a ton of videos. I have a couple in stock but let’s just say I’m going to do my best making videos once a week. It’s crazy. But I really want to push it to the limit. Some of these might be simple, some of these might be complicated than others… and that’s the joy of making something everyday.

Here’s a new one for this week!


Been working on more music

So I’ve been making some more music these days and haven’t made too many visual art. So here are 4 tracks I made in the last couple weeks mostly for fun. I used Properllhead Reason for all of them. 🙂 I’ve been getting more and more into Future Garage oriented genres (although I don’t even know what the genres are in this set.) They’re live-oriented genres that can seriously spawn a bunch of great musical pieces.

Skybase and Part-Time Platypi

It’s always a pleasure to do some collaboration work making music or anything creative. I guess for me, I like doing music a lot and so here’s one music piece we’ve made. Justin Coburn and Tim Normington are the guitarists, I’m doodling on the keyboard and also mastered the whole track. So I present to you Part-Time Platypi – These Walls.

P.S. This whole thing’s pretty new still and a bit of support would help. Whether that be liking the music on soundcloud, sharing it with your friends, reposting the link elsewhere… whatever it is, it helps. In return of course, we’ll continue making good music!

Part Time Platypi does have a Facebook page check us out!