Artist Nightmare

... that was one hell of a dream.

… that was one hell of a dream.



Reflections on Doing Pixel Art and Insipiration

I’ve never really been able to do pixel art but lately I’ve been getting really into it. I guess what appealed was its simplicity at the same time the complexity designing elements within a limited space. Of course I can always expand resolutions and otherwise.

I began drilling away at it after realizing I can just sit down and do it. I honestly find lazy ways of accomplishing complicated tasks but it seems pixel art is one of those genres of digital art that seriously forces you to figure it out by hand. Now, I’m not saying other genres of digital art don’t do that, I’m just saying the limited range of what you can do makes you think twice about where you put your pixels down to correctly portray the thing you’re drawing.


Cosmos the soulless kid. (Enlarged)

It’s only been a while since I dived into the genre and I’ve never really been that interested doing all of this. Personally, I’m not really that much of a huge fan of “games” but I do like playing them anyway. I’ve never really gone super deep into Pokemon, not a real fan of Final Fantasy series (but played it anyway). Half Life (with GMod)… Minecraft… Marathon (and 3rd party scenarios)… Crash Bandicoot… Limbo were all games I really really enjoyed but still never sat down to really think hard about developing games.

ChrisJeff Games Logo pixlated by Skybase (enlarged)

ChrisJeff Games Logo pixlated by Skybase (enlarged)

Though I guess the one game that really really got me into all this pixel goodness was CaveStory. I can’t recommend that game enough to people. It should be a requirement for everybody making games to least play it once (or 3 times depending on what ending you get). Not that I want you to 100% like it, least appreciate it. But what should be observed is the overall, endearing storyline, the lovable characters, 3 possible endings, and a ton of great game play really kicked me to think twice about making games to tell stories.

Alex the God of Concealment - Skybase (Enlarged)

Alex the God of Concealment – Skybase (Enlarged)

There’s nothing new with what I’m doing of course. I’m more like just posting what I’ve done recently. What’s curious is the progression of where I was at initially and where I’m now…. It’s only been two months since I began dealing pixels and I’ve kinda leaned the basic skills. I figured I’ll keep moving on.

NCH Productions Logo - Pixelated by Skybase (enlarged)

NCH Productions Logo – Pixelated by Skybase (enlarged)

The Universe Man, The God of Everything and Nothing - Skybase (Enlarged)

The Universe Man, The God of Everything and Nothing – Skybase (Enlarged)

The Edge of the World - Skybase (Enlarged)

The Edge of the World – Skybase (Enlarged)

So now what? Well… I’m working on something totally fresh and something I’ve never done before fully. I figured I should make a game. I don’t consider myself a full-time game developer nor a professional one so we’ll never know when I can get stuff done by, but I’m on it totally and it’ll be good.

I hope I can write up something in the next post that explains some of the processes for pixel art textures using FilterForge a bit to help detail the pixel textures and well… otherwise help the overall look. I said I’ll write it ages ago and I never did… so I guess its about time!

A Day in Life of a Digital Artist 005 – 1080p Mp3

Some people come from a planet called Youtube where 1080p is the next high-resolution audio. WHY?

I began doing some little comic strips called “A Day in Life of a Digital Artist.” While the full list of comics can be seen here: I’ll start posting some of them up here as well. The comic originally began on a classroom whiteboard, so I decided continued the tradition after I finished college. The comics are drawn on a whiteboard and scanned at decent resolutions.

Opinion: How not to Market Creative Software

I rarely post opinionated stuff but there’s one thing here that got my attention. Now… you guys ready for this? This is probably the worst thing I’ve seen in a fair amount of time.

First of all… what the hell is this? Seems like a piece of software that’s meant for beat making. Ok cool. Sure it’s just a piece of software (looks like a typical sampler) but it’s poorly advertised. Yeah, poorly in a way that’s frustrating to view. Never have I seen a creative software marketed in this direction.

The video compares itself to big, star names and tells you that if you use this software, your music can be comparable. You go to their website and you look through their tasteless advertisements trying to get you to buy something. The software’s just a simple sequencer with “ok” preset sounds. Sure that’s fine. I’m not saying crap about the software, I saw some videos of it and I thought it was “ok.” I’m talking about the way they put it out there to market.

They show you yourself being a “star” by using their software. Yeah sure other companies do that but they don’t do it like this. They know their tactics and don’t abuse “professionalism” in such a way that it sounds dishonest.

Further more they state things like they’ve “cracked the code” and are providing you with some kind of answer to a desire. Yeah “cracked the code” seriously, excuse my words, but such a statement is fucking unbelievable, disgusting, and tasteless. This is the sort of trash-wording that makes creative software sound utterly useless and not reputable. So what should I say? Don’t buy the software? No I won’t say that. The video makes me want to say that though. The website is just asking for it.

So why this statement? It’s because this sort of advertisement that makes you assume things that aren’t true. The software isn’t going to give you Dr. Dre powers. The software isn’t going earn you record deals as if they were THAT easy. The software isn’t going to give you your dreams and your future. You know what the software gives you? A tool. That’s it! Nothing more.

The ad makes it seem like creativity comes out of a box. And as a guy who makes music, it makes me want to punch who ever decided it was a great idea to make an ad like this. Not that I will, honestly.

And while the devs may be enjoying a wealth of customers, let it be known that this is perhaps the worst way of putting yourself out there. It’s a prime example of how creative software should never be marketed.

edit: consequently I missed out on it… they spelled techno tecno.