1 Experimental Video A Week: Week 1

I just hope I don’t stop making a ton of videos. I have a couple in stock but let’s just say I’m going to do my best making videos once a week. It’s crazy. But I really want to push it to the limit. Some of these might be simple, some of these might be complicated than others… and that’s the joy of making something everyday.

Here’s a new one for this week!


Skybase – “Take That Thing Off My Couch” Music Video

Music video for myself: “Take That Thing Off My Couch” by me. Used After Effects and Premiere CS6, fractals were achieved using Artmatic 5.

And just on that… here are some screencaps from the animation.

006 005011004008003002012009010

So it looks like Sensato Music Video Used My Work :D

I got a bit of a surprise today when Blackwatchstudio (over on Videohive.net) told me that something I made was somehow in a pretty popular music video. At some point some video editor / After Effects guy, whoever it may be bought my stuff and used it as background material in the video. While I had nothing to do with any of the editing I’m pretty happy / proud about it.

The elements that you need to look out for are…. these:

Which you can buy them here:



And here’s the video….

Keep in mind that the music video itself is not by me. I don’t know who. I’d just like to say whoever used my stuff… YOU’RE AWESOME. Say hi to me too.