At the Edge of All Colors

Directly from my Behance page: A small exploration of color continues with fractal-like images. I created a filter using FilterForge and sampled the colors directly from a couple photographs.

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What I Saw

Sometime ago I was experimenting with Artmatic, and I had this really old preset which I did some similar things so I thought I’d re-do stuff and try making additional designs based on it. Here are some results. I tried several color schemes from Aztec to Inca styled colors… though in the end it went all over the place. Oh well. Fun stuff. These were post processed using ACR.

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Things In The Sea

I was thinking about bioluminescent jellyfish as I played around with Artmatic.

The previous post explains about what you see here. Although unlike the last Artmatic structure I used, this one uses a similar tree structure. The modification adds a new effect.

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Circle Freaks

Here’s another post. Circular recursion! I uploaded a version that’s 1920X1080. They kinda fit and don’t fit as a wallpaper. Sorry.

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Long time no post. Here’s a small project I began working on and kinda finished off a couple days ago. This is a fractal based on some distortions. All images by Skybase 2010.

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