The Party is Over

I’m learning Modo 701 still and I figured I’d play with materials today. I ended up making this weird tinsel thing.






Everything I Don’t Like: It’s always distorted


Very wavy experimentation using FilterForge.

More Experiments with Lines

These are honestly quite an eye-sore but that’s more like the fun of it 🙂 Yup! Super complex fun Artmatic creations. These were edited in ACR, consequently all renders are poster quality.

Things In The Sea

I was thinking about bioluminescent jellyfish as I played around with Artmatic.

The previous post explains about what you see here. Although unlike the last Artmatic structure I used, this one uses a similar tree structure. The modification adds a new effect.

– – –

Clown Vomit

I made these a month or two ago. Pretty gruesome colors.

– – –

Production Pipeline: HAVOC Part 1

On the other note I’m also creating HAVOC, an animated short film by me. I guess it’s a horror-fantasy short about a walking, lump of charcoal that eats dreams for life. If you went “wait what?” at that moment, I understand you. It’s really hard to explain in words, you might as well see it than hear it.



What the hell is this? Well you just saw the first couple pictures I drew of Havoc back in 2010. Yes! He’s a lump of charcoal + angel wings and a halo! What? Still don’t get it? I personally don’t get it either. But anyway in designing the character I had to come up with a story of why this walking, dream-eating, lump of charcoal became… a walking, dream-eating lump of charcoal. The fastest way to explain this is to show you Dr. Rudinsburg who “operated” on him.

Havoc scribble page 1


Havoc scribble page 2

Havoc scribble page 3

If you thought I was messed up I kinda am. Some of the things that happened in the storyboard above come from my dreams. Yes they’re scary. Like that tick sequence did happen in my dream. See, now I’m afraid of myself.

Either way, HAVOC part 1 will be animated.