Project Free Stuff: An Introduction

It’s been a while folks, I was getting busy updating all my work and maintaining a nice portfolio. I’ve finally gotten stuff to go in the right direction, now it’s just a matter of doing more stuff.

As a part of my little “I wanna help other artists” feeling I decided to start producing mini packs of free stuff. These mini packs can be graphics or audio related and they’re basically just little bits and pieces to help you on your way making your own things. The “stuff” will be high quality, production-ready, and otherwise it’ll partially be editable to its own degree. In return, I ask whoever uses it to at least give me credit in a visible form, I’m producing these on my spare time and I’m also doing this for nothing. I’m also cool with negotiations and stuff, just send me emails. I don’t know how much easier I can make that.

Either way, the packages will be licensed under creative commons unless noted and I’ll do my best to keep them as updated as possible.

Remember, I’m just doing this for fun and I love free stuff too. 🙂 Starting next week you’ll see a package every-now-and-then.


About The Untitled Universe Blog


My name is Skybase. I am an artist working internationally from Japan. My specialties are 3D graphics, procedural and generative design, compositing, creating scenery, and otherwise experimental.

I also deal with audio. I design sounds, ambiances, edit sounds, and compose music, especially electronic music.

That’s who I am.

The Untitled Universe is a blog dedicated to my own art, literature, and critique of others. It’s also a place where I’ll put progress shots of things happening in the art LAB. There will also be cake.

The Untitled Universe hosts also a comic which will be … barely updated.